For a while I've written my blog using Pelican, a static website/blog generator. This and a simple rsync script was more than enough to implement a simple writing pipeline:

  1. edit some file
  2. issue the "pelican" build command to make the site
  3. when is good rsync to the hosting server

The only fancy feature was having two branches for the site code, so I can always have an online "beta" version along a "prod" version.

Nothing remarkable here.. then I've switched to Lektor.

leveraging a tool to write documentation

I'm always been in awe using Confluence: I consider a best in class wiki/documentation system.

But lektor can be used to if not to replace, at least to approximate a personal version of it, the advantages being:

  1. a stand alone server to rebuild the site on change
  2. a neat extension/themes system
  3. the general feeling that support behind is a little bit better

On top of it it can be used behind a CD/CI system to automate the publishing.